The FMEC partners with business to provide product and services to help our members and the healthcare community. These partners are experts in their area and have worked with FMEC members and many others to better themselves or their organization.

Rosh Review

Rosh Review is the official board review partner of the FMEC for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Rosh Review is partnering with the FMEC to bring your residents a top Family Medicine Qbank (and allow you to identify your program’s knowledge gaps!). Your residents get 2,000 ABFM-formatted questions and a Mock In-Training Exam, while you get a custom dashboard to monitor their performance.

To learn more about the offer, visit Rosh Review Discount Exclusive for FMEC Members and sign up to get more information.



Navigate specializes in helping physicians take back control of their student loans—and their lives. Federal student loan forgiveness is incredibly complex, but this organization focuses only on helping those with the greatest debt: physicians.

So if you are a physician or resident or if you know someone who could benefit from our student loan advice, please click below and schedule a session with one of their experts.  Visit their website here:  Navigate

To learn more about Navigate and public service loan forgiveness, view two webinars where we speak with Joy Sorensen Navarre of Navigate: