Family Medicine Through Visual Arts

As a discipline, Family Medicine needs to formulate and deliver a compelling message that describes who we are, what we value, and what we do. We believe that the visual arts offer a powerful medium for sharing Family Medicine’s vision, interests and value. We invite submissions of visual art that reflect our identity as Family Physicians and our mission to serve as the backbone of healthcare to the world.

The goal of this award process is two-fold: One, to honor the creative talents of Family Physicians (the renaissance men and women of medicine), and Two, to take the best of the submissions and generate materials that can be used to make Family Medicine more visible to colleagues, students, patients and policy makers. Faculty and clinicians, residents-in-training, and medical students in the northeast region of the US are eligible to participate.

Photographs, paintings, sculptures, drawings, posters, web sites, digital movies or any other visual media that can be used to celebrate the richness and diversity in Family Medicine, show the academic rigor of our field, and support our agenda of reforming healthcare welcomed. A panel of reviewers composed of Family Medicine faculty and creative professionals will review each submission with an eye to its emotional honesty, technical merit, and success in communicating the message that Family Medicine is a force to content with. All submissions remain the property of the artist, but rights to use the images in public relations materials and campaigns to promote Family Medicine will be granted to the FMEC. Issues related to ownership and use will be discussed with the award winner(s) prior to use.

While submissions remain the property of the author, a submitter grants the FMEC unrestricted use of the material.

Past Award Winners (2017 and older)

2022 Winner
Lisa Gussak, MD - "Shattered:  Our Healthcare System in Covid" - photograph

2021 Winners
Henry Del Rosario, MD - "Workers of Worcester" - Best Website
Rebecca Collins, DO, MPH, FAAFP, CPE - "Waiting for Mom to See the Doctor" - Best Photo
Andrew Kwok, MSII, "A Beautiful Mind" - Best Painting (poem and painting)

2020 Winners
Brian Kaszuba, MSIV - Film:  "Healthcare America:  Uniting Our Voices"
Archana Jayakumar, DO - Illustration - "Portrait of the Physician During a Pandemic"
Munirah Bomani, MD - Dance/Song - "RIVER:  a salve  in a time of social injustice"

2019 Winner
Cassandra Rodrigues, DO - photograph entitled "Lydia"

2018 Winner
Hajat Avdovic, MD - photograph entitled "Life on the Batey, Dominican Republic, 2018"

2017 Winner
Luis Garcia, MD - photograph entitled "Anciana" (Elderly Woman)