2023 FMEC Annual Meeting theme:  Family Medicine:  Anchoring Patients and Communities

Join us in Providence, Rhode Island, October 13-15
The FMEC Annual Meeting, held every fall, attracts 800-1,000 attendees, with about 300 medical students who attend on scholarships, and hundreds of family medicine residents and faculty from the FMEC’s 14 state + DC region in the northeast U.S. The meeting theme is “Family Medicine: Anchoring Patients and Communities” and will incorporate Rhode Island’s official symbol, the anchor, and motto, “hope.”   

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Orientation to the FMEC for Incoming Residents and Others

Thank you to everyone who joined us on August 23, 2023 for this short, informational webinar!  This webinar was presented by members of the FMEC Executive Committee (below) along with FMEC CEO Scott Allen. Please watch and learn from FMEC leaders as we shared information about the FMEC and took your questions and suggestions.  Watch the recording here.  Slides can be viewed here.

2023 Family Medicine Residency Showcase Virtual Events

What are the FMR Showcase Virtual Events?
For the fourth consecutive year, the Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC) will offer virtual meetings to introduce interested medical students and others to the many outstanding Family Medicine Residency Programs in the northeast U.S. Faculty in family medicine residency programs will present on an emerging and exciting topic in family medicine, while also spotlighting their residency programs and what makes them strong and unique.  Read More!

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