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Mission: The IMPLICIT Network is a family medicine maternal child health learning collaborative focused on improving birth outcomes and promoting the health of women, birthing people, infants, and families through innovative models of care, quality improvement and professional development for current and future physicians.

Vision:  To envision a future where all women/birthing people are fully supported to attain optimal health and wellness for themselves and their babies.   

: The work of the IMPLICIT Network is rooted in the following core values: 
  • Commitment: Improving maternal health one woman/birthing person at a time
  • Innovation: Developing methods to improve the health of women, birthing people, children and families
  • Education:  Training future physicians and health care providers to positively impact the health of women/birthing people in their communities
  • Collaboration:  Fostering a synergistic environment where all specialties can work towards birth and health equality for all
  • Cultural Humility: Amplifying the expert voices of all women/birthing people to create trustworthy therapeutic alliances
  • Justice:  Promoting respect, empathy and shared decision making as well as protecting dignity and safety for everyone 


The Network develops, implements, evaluates, and optimizes new and existing models of care focused on improving birth outcomes and the health of women, infants, and families. Initiatives include:  
  • Development of IMPLICIT Pregnancy model of improving prenatal care by providing education and promoting screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria, bacterial vaginosis screening for women with a history of preterm birth, depression, smoking, and family planning during the first 15 weeks of pregnancy or by woman’s third prenatal visit, third trimester, delivery, and postpartum visit up to fifteen weeks after delivery
  • Development of IMPLICIT interconception care (ICC) model of screening women for smoking, depression, family planning, and multivitamin with folic acid intake during baby’s well child visits 0-24 months
  • Reduction in rapid repeat pregnancies and lengthening interpregnancy intervals
  • Promotion of pregnancy intention screening
  • Promotion of postpartum long acting reversiblecontraception (LARC)
  • Validation of 2 step/PHQ2 depression screening in pregnancy and postpartum
  • Evaluation of postpartum depression screening and interventions
Network Membership:
Learn more about the IMPLICIT Network by reviewing the Network GuideNetwork Expectations, and Network Membership Guide. Joining the Network is not just a membership fee, but a commitment from providers at sites to actively participate in continuous quality improvement to improve the care of women and babies before, during, and after pregnancy. If you are interested in joining the Network, contact [email protected]

Publications: In addition, the IMPLICIT Network collaborated with the National March of Dimes to develop the IMPLICIT Interconception Care (ICC) Toolkit. Access the Toolkit by visiting The Toolkit is free, although you will be prompted to create a username and password. Sites using the Toolkit to implement IMPLICIT ICC are not required to join the IMPLICIT Network.

Additional Resources:
If you are looking for more information regarding preconception health, please visit the National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative's website: The clinical toolkit is
a great resource help providers meet patients' needs and incorporate preconception health into the routine care of women of childbearing age.

To join the IMPLICIT Network, please contact [email protected]