Healthy Living Collaborative

Many are talking about the obesity epidemic in this country. Many in the health care industry talk as though it is a disease that needs medicine and procedures for treatment. Even within Family Medicine there are many, especially those interested in childhood obesity, who are setting up special clinics to treat this condition. 

At the same time, there are a substantial number of Family Physicians and others who believe in activity, fitness and a healthier lifestyle as the main approach to this issue. Many family physicians encourage their patients to exercise and direct them to nutritional counseling. They also actively support activity/exercise efforts in their local communities. They help to organize and/or support walking events, road races, bicycling events, etc. 

There is a grass roots movement afoot that seeks to improve the health of our population. The movement has a number of moving parts. These include a richer understanding of our human biology including how our bodies use foods/nutrients, genetic factors and the forces that influence the action of our genes and the inter-connection between our physical and mental health. Added to this is a growing consumerism wherein people want to make well informed decisions about how to live a full and healthy life.

 We invite FMEC members interested in these topics to join this learning community.

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