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CoreCases Curriculum - The Way Today's Residents Like to Learn 

CoreCases for Family Medicine is an online, clinically relevant curriculum that includes assessments and is self-paced so that residents can do it on their own. But, it is also standardized so that it adds consistency and objectivity to supplement the individual rotation experience of each resident.
The program consists of 45 cases or simulated patient encounters that include over 300 common disease states and conditions, as well as less common ones that may be difficult for programs to cover. Residents practice clinical reasoning skills to make correct diagnoses, order appropriate labs and diagnostic tests, and prescribe prudent management plans while receiving formative feedback in the moment from "Virtual Experts." CoreCases for Family Medicine also provides assessment of competencies and milestones required for demonstrating resident proficiency at each stage of their learning process.
Educational technologies such as CoreCases can also be used to deliver flipped classrooms, changing traditional lectures into meaningful discussions that allow residents the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential.
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Press Release: The Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC) and CaseNetwork Announce a Partnership to Strengthen Resident Education