Products and Services

The FMEC Annual Meeting

  • 450 Family Physicians and 250+ medical students meet for 3 days.
  • The meeting provides a venue for FMEC collaborative projects and leader development.
  • The meeting provides an opportunity for employers seeking to recruit family physicians to meet with 250 residents.
  • The meeting provides companies and foundations an opportunity to connect with the family medicine community in the northeast region of the U.S.

We are an incubator....

We create multi institutional teams that support cost-effective, quality improvement initiatives, examples including:

  • IMPLICIT Network: preventing premature birth
  • Global Health:  promoting the work of family doctors who build healthier communities world wide
  • Leadership Development:  finding and mentoring young leaders
  • FACTS: Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science
  • Primary Care Innovators Network:  Advancing primary care driven solutions
  • Direct Primary Care (DPC):  Revolutionizing primary care
  • Faculty Development:  Skills training for faculty
  • Responding to the Primary Care Work force Challenge:  The nation needs more family physicians
  • Health Professions (HPAC) Pipeline Project:  From inner city and rural communities to the health professions
  • Healthy Living:  Why settle for disease management when disease reversal is possible?


Recognizing and supporting Family Medicine writers, activists and leaders