Reducing the Rates of Student Loan Debt: Yes, We Can!       

Let us help you navigate your student Debt. Joy Sorensen Navarre of Navigate, came to the 2016 FMEC Annual meeting with a $1,000,000 goal. The FMEC promoted her and she hit $3.1 million in debt reduction during our three day meeting. To date, her consultation service has saved FMEC residents and faculty over $8 million dollars on their student loans.

After careful review by the FMEC Board to ensure her service was fair and honest; the FMEC now strongly endorses her service and has negotiated a 40% discount on individual and organizational consultations.

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Spotlight on Student Loans: When Set It and Forget It Fails

A common scenario:
Dr. Brown directs a residency program that uses Navigate to educate and advise their residents. Just a few weeks ago, Dr. Brown called us for advice. He hadn’t reviewed his loans for many years because he’s on an auto-pay plan. He decided to take a second look.

Dr. Brown incurred his loans before 2006. These older federal loans have variable rates. Over time his interest rates climbed. He was surprised to learn that one loan’s interest rate rose to 6%.

We looked at options. He’s not pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness, so he considered refinancing with a private bank. It turns out that Dr. Brown’s monthly payments will drop by $50 and he will save over $20,000 if he refinances his loans to a lower fixed rate.

Tip: If you have older loans and do not intend to pursue Public Service Loan Forgiveness, always check for options to refinance your student loans.


In fact, one of our own Board Members utilized Joy's expertise: 

“I met Joy at the FMEC Annual Meeting and was intrigued about Navigate’ s services, not only for my residents, but for myself. With our busy lives my husband and I hadn’t looked at our loans for more than a decade, despite my husband working in a leadership role in banking. 
“Through our phone consultation, Joy helped review my loan burden, clarify the best options for refinancing, and enabled us to restructure our remaining loans to save tens of thousands of dollars. If only I had met her 15 years ago.”  

Amy Crawford-Faucher, MD, FAAFP
Program Director - Forbes Family Medicine Residency Program
Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Forbes Hospital
Allegheny Health Network