Medicine and the Fine Arts

  • Can the fine arts improve the training of physicians and all health professionals? 
  • Can they improve clinical practice by preventing disease and improving patient outcomes? 
  • Can they increase resilience in the physician/clinician workforce? 
  • Can they improve public health and healthcare policy? 

We believe the use of the Fine Arts in medicine can improve the health of the population while strengthening the clinician workforce. The Fine Arts includes a range of domains - literary, performing, visual arts and design to name a few. The arts can be used in a variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purposes.  We take a broad view from creative arts therapies to narrative medicine to story-telling (e.g. in person, digital storytelling, etc.) to sculpting, painting and graphic arts. 

We invite all those interested in this area to join our learning community. 

 For more information,  contact:  [email protected]