Health Profession Affinity Communities (HPAC) Pathway Project 

Our nation needs more Family Physicians and our medical schools do not have the current capacity to meet the needs. Our nation also needs more nurses, dentists and other health professionals willing to serve in rural and inner city communities. 

Research has demonstrated that if you want more Family Physicians and health professionals willing to serve in rural and inner city communities, you need to attract more students who are from and for these communities. Students who are first generation to college, older, and students from rural communities are more inclined to enter primary care and serve medically underserved communities. 

The Health Profession Affinity Communities project was created by Drs. Gina Weisblat and Erik Porfeli of the Northeast Ohio Medical University. The project begins in STEM high schools in rural and urban communities that are aligned with colleges and universities that are aligned with schools of medicine, nursing, pharmacy and the other health professions. 

The FMEC seeks to support and expand this model throughout the northeast region and beyond. 
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