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We believe . . . Family Medicine is one of the best kept secrets in the healthcare system. We are working to make Family Medicine visible. These video resources reveal the value and impact of Family Medicine.


2016 Clinical Success Stories

When You Say Yes - Heidi Mandry, MD

O+: Not Just Another Blood Type - Mark Josefski, MD

You Are What You Eat: Success of Diet Changes in a Patient with Cirrhosis - Karen Perkins, MD

Caring for Super Utilizers at an FQHC - Jonathan Lichkus MD, MPH, Clark Van Den Berghe MD

Scott White Videos

If Only Someone Had Warned Us by Daniel R. Hoefer, MD

Establishing a Vision for Primary Care as “The Intel inside the Primary Care Community”by David W. Moen, MD

Optimal Primary Care by Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH

Optimal Primary Care Slides

Organizational Trial by Fire, The Joplin Tornado, by David Barbe, MD, MHA

Organizational Trial by Fire Slides

Transitions Frailty 2010 - No One Dies of Old Age by Daniel R. Hoefer, MD

Transitions Frailty 2010 Slides

Evidence Based Nursing Home Care: by Daniel R. Hoefer, MD

Evidence Based Nursing Home Care Slides

A Proposal For a Better Way to Pay Family Physicians: by Richard Young, MD

The New Biology; Implications for Family Medicine: by Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH

Outpatient Palliative Care, Sharp Hospice Care: by Daniel Hoefer, MD

Lean, Fit and Functional Machine: by Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH

A Physician's and Patient's Story about DPC

The FMEC Book Nook (Discussions with the Authors)

The Doctor Crisis

FMEC Innovators' Forum

Direct Contracting With Emploeyees by Anton Kuzel, MD
The Oxbow EMR Innovator's Ntwork Presentation by Shawn Moyer, MD
Catherine Pipas, MD Innovator's Network Presentation
Allan (Chip) Teel, MD Innovator's Network Presentation
The For Profit Approach Innovator's Network Presentation
J. Howard Kucher Innovator's Network Presentation
Avoiding Avoidable Healthcare:Shannon Brownlee, MS Innovator's Network Presentation
Project Echo Innovator's Network Presentation
What Happens to a PCMH when the Patients are Involved By Donald Raj Woolever, MD
Direct Primary Care by Shawn Moyer, MD Innovator's Network Presentation
The Oxbow EMR Innovator's Network Presentation
Direct Contracting with Employees by Anton Kuzel, MD
Energizing Change in a Patient Centered Medical Home: Innovators Network

This We Believe
Emily Looney, M4
Nikitas Zervanos, MD
Sallie Rixey, MD, MEd
Jason Shen, M4

A Demonstration Project to Build Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's) in New Jersey
By Jeff Brenner

Poetry of Life - Clinical Success Stories
Bethany Daubman
Fallon Mattis
Jennifer Chu
Mary Ann Moore
Sam Zager
Tobe Momah