FMEC Awards


Family Med. Mid-Career Faculty Achievement

The Family Medicine Education Consortium seeks to support mid-career faculty with expertise in an area relevant to Family Medicine. It is our intention to identify and acknowledge one mid-career (i.e., five to twelve years of academic experience) faculty member each year, who has demonstrated significant achievement. There are currently few opportunities for mid-career faculty to be recognized for their efforts. The intent of this recognition is to assist faculty who have not yet received tenure approval or otherwise been highly recognized for their efforts.

Achievement Measures:

To receive recognition through this award, a faculty member may have:

Written articles, books, manuscripts or other academic materials which reveal a significant intellectual contribution to the field of Family Medicine and health-care in general;

  • Designed and implemented curricular innovations which have made a significant impact on learners such as faculty, residents, students, patients and their family members and/or the community at large. These innovations should include impact studies de-scribing the effectiveness of their intervention;

  • Designed and implemented health-care programs which have had a measurable impact on those served by the program;

  • Designed and implemented research and other scholarly initiatives that have contributed to the scientific inquiry within an area of interest to the field of Family Medicine and health-care in general;

  • Designed and implemented administrative programs that have had a demonstrable effect on the productivity of the organizations in which they were implemented.

Nomination Process:

We seek nominations from current FMEC members. A nomination should include a letter (two to three pages) summarizing the in-dividual’s contribution and a copy of the nominee’s resume. The nominee should currently be active in one of the various programs and departments of Family Medicine within the northeast region of the US. Senior faculty members (i.e., faculty members who have been approved for tenure or who have received substantial recognition from national or-ganizations) will not be considered for this recognition.

Faculty Mid-Career Achievement Awards

2016 Award Winner
Amy M. Zack, MD, FAAFP

2015 Award Winner
Melissa Nothnagle, MD, MSc

2014 Award Winner
Philip Bolduc, MD

2013 Award Winner
Giang Nguyen, MD, MPH, MSCE

2012 Award Winner
Wendy Bar, MD, MPH, MSCE

2011 Award Winner
Hugh Silk, MD, MPH, FAAFP

2010 Award Winner
Lee Radosh, MD

2009 Award Winner
J. William Kerns, MD

2008 Award Winner
Joanne E. Wilkinson, MD, MSc

2007 Award Winner
Julie Scott Taylor, MD, MSc

2006 Award Winner
Thomas P. Agresta, MD

2005 Award Winners
Doug Knutson, MD
Allen F. Shaughnessy, PharmD

2004 Award Winner
Masahiro Morikawa, M.D., M.P.H

2003 Award Winner
Douglas M. Post Ph.D.

2002 Award Winners
Jeffrey T. Kirchner, D.O., FAAFP
John Joseph Smucny, M.D

2001 Award Winner
Hershey S. Bell, MD

2000 Award Winner
Joseph Gallo, MD